The Musicians

Robin Sukhadia –
Robin, a disciple of Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri of CalArts and the Ali Akbar College, humanizes the Sadubas sound with tabla, the classical drums of North India. Samples captured from the realms of classical Indian music, Bollywood, ancient rhythms, jazz, and film add texture to each Sadubas performance and recording.

Ameet Mehta –
Ameet uses the turntable as a pure instrument, applying skratches and abstractions to create the lush atmosphere of Sadubas. Attuned to lounge and downtempo grooves, Ameet lays down the deepest bass kicks driven by a wide range of electronic music tools.

The Instruments

Turntables – With far more utility than simply playing vinyls, Technics 1200s are instruments with profound tonal capability and versatility. Needles interact with grooves on vinyl records and combine with precise hand moves on a skratch mixer to produce sadubas’ abstract sounds.

Ableton / Maschine – The quintessential engine for creating beats, texture and cinematic depth of sound, Ableton is a sampler, drum machine, and sequencer in one. With a touch sensitive pad array, Maschine creates sadubas’ humanized textures and bassy rhythm patterns.

Tabla – Tabla are sacred classical drums evolving from thousands of years of rhythm on the south Asian subcontinent. The wide spectrum tonality combined with an intricate drumming language combine to make the tabla ideal for electronic music composition.